Make Your World Safer™
with Active Solutions.
The heart of what we can do for you is simple...
We love where we live (New Orleans).
Beyond everything you've heard or experienced here, there's one secret
only locals know. We love it so much, we don't want to leave.
Our children go off to college and CAN'T WAIT to come back home.

Active Solutions LLC was created to give our children and grandchildren
a safe place to come home to - and raise their own families.

We do that for cities, businesses, hospitals, and campuses
by building Active Solutions for:

Campus Safety & Security
Neighborhood Watch Cameras®
Municipal Safe City Systems
Business Camera-based Retail Analytics


Families want to feel safe.
Visitors want to relax during a vacation or business trip.
Schools and Universities must ensure the safety of their students & staff.
City leaders worry when their phones ring in the middle of the night.
Businesses & Hospitals need to serve without threat.

Make Your World Safer™
with Active Solutions



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