New Orleans French Quarter - New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) Commander Nick Gernon holds press conference to release compelling crime statistics.
Active Solutions’ SafeCity-Cams™ are integral to the safety of New Orleans.

Reporter: “It’s amazing how many of these murders you’ve been able to clear so rapidly because of those cameras.”

Commander Gernon: “Absolutely…look, the cameras don’t lie. They don’t get scared. They don’t get intimidated. They’re an extremely important tool. We stood up the Real Time Crime Center in November 2017. At the end of 2017 our clearance rate for non-fatal shootings here in the 8th district was 17%…It is now 89%. It is two things..hard work on the part of the detectives and great video from the Real Time Crime Center.”

December, 2018 as published in The New Orleans Advocate

December, 2018 as published in The New Orleans Advocate

In New Orleans, a 47-year low in killings -- and that's no accident, police chief says

"the NOPD has increasingly resorted is an expanding network of street surveillance cameras, which in some cases have produced high-definition images of criminal suspects. Police frequently receive tips about those cases after the images are distributed to the public."

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2018 violent crime in New Orleans plummets to levels not seen since the 1970s

Police Department Superintendent Michael Harrison said in an interview. “We’re grateful.”  

"...Harrison outlined steps his agency took that he said are responsible, in part, for the declines.

Among the most important, he said, is the increased use of crime cameras that began under the administration of Mayor Mitch Landrieu"

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The Neutral Ground - Gordon Russel, Ep. 13

"Crime analyst Jeff Asher stops in to help us make sense of the year in violent crime. 2018 saw the fewest murders since 1971, and non-fatal shootings are also down sharply..."
"Lowest numbers in 5 decades"
"Murder hits 47-year low"
"Shootings and murders are down in the 25% range to last year"
"significant drop in gun violence"

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December 2018
One Year Anniversary of Active Solutions’ Crime Cameras in New Orleans - Mayor Latoya Cantrell held a press conference to update the public on plans to expand the program.

Latoya Cantrell, Mayor of New Orleans
“We have seen it - in real time - prevent crimes from happening…how it’s allowed us to solve and clear cases…a holistic approach to improving the overall quality of life in the City of New Orleans.”

Collin Arnold, Director of Homeland Security
“We have found uses for the system far beyond law enforcement... monitoring of flooding…prevention of illegal dumping.”

Chief Michael Harrison, Police Superintendent, New Orleans Police Department
“The Real Time Crime Center has saved the NOPD approximately 2000 man hours. Our officers are getting to scenes faster and making better informed decisions in real time.
- The investments in technology allow our department to increase visibility, patrol operations on our streets and in our neighborhoods, and engage with the community more than ever before. This is helping us build trust with the public.
- We’re clearing cases sometimes minutes after they occur.
- In the police district that includes the French Quarter and Central Business District instant access to video in combination with great detective work has taken us from a non-fatal shootings clearance rate of 17% in 2017 to a 90% clearance rate today.”

August 2018
New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) reports numerous violent crime arrests due to Active Solutions' Quality-of-Life Neighborhood Cameras.

  • There are 300 live camera feeds across the city now being monitored in real time "and we've already been able to demonstrate crime deterrents... in the areas where we have those cameras." - Michael Harrison - Police Superintendent, New Orleans Police Department

  • According to the NOPD, city cameras led to arrests in at least four violent crimes since June.

Summer 2018
Step inside City of New Orleans and New Orleans Police Department Real Time Crime Center to see live video feeds provided by Active Solutions' citywide network of Safe City Cams.

  • Our goal is to implement smart cities technology to assist public safety officials in their mission – to keep our residents and visitors safe. - Aaron Miller - Director, Homeland Security, City of New Orleans

  • With the real-time crime center in lieu of having an officer on every corner, which is impossible for any police department, we are able to use technology as a force multiplier so that we can be in the places that we can’t physically be in, to see things we couldn’t see and know what we couldn’t know. With the use of crime cameras that feed into a real time center, we can now know in real time when criminals are moving into an area before they commit a crime and certainly identify them when they do. - Michael S. Harrison - Superintendent, New Orleans Police Department

  • The technology utilized in the real time crime center allows the EMS, fire and police and all of public safety to truly integrate what we do every day. We are allowed to now see what happens in real time on a scene whether that is a police call for service, a fire or a medical need. - Jeffrey M. Elder, MD - Director of EMS & Medical Director, City of New Orleans EMS

  • Success to me is making police officers and other first responders more efficient and effective. If we can increase their efficiency and effectiveness by giving them time back in their day by leveraging technology to solve for a mundane task we can put them back on the street. We can put them back doing their job. - Ross Bourgeois - Administrator of the RTCC, City of New Orleans

  • It’s a great tool for investigative purposes where we can go and follow up on investigations, put the dots together, put all the descriptions together and make a great quality case that has great video evidence. We hope that it would be a deterring effect where people will think twice about being criminals and committing crimes against our citizens and visitors because they know they will get caught .This is what makes people feel safe. - Harrison

  • Ultimately public safety is a group effort. It’s not just police, fire or EMS. We all work together to serve our citizens, our visitors, our patients, every day. - Elder

November 2017
City of New Orleans and New Orleans Police Department launch state-of-the-art crime monitoring center with 24/7 viewing of neighborhood surveillance cameras installed by Active Solutions.

  • "New Orleans has a new high-tech facility designed to help police view security video faster..The mayor and police chief think it will not only solve more crimes but possibly prevent crime."

  • "The chances of stopping crime from happening and then apprehending them has increased exponentially." - Mitch Landrieu, Mayor of New Orleans and former Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana.

  • "A 'tapestry' of cameras from around the city (installed by Active Solutions) constantly bring live video into the city's brand-new Real-time Crime Monitoring Center."

  • "We will see you..we will know who you are..we will apprehend you." - Michael S. Harrison, New Orleans Chief of Police

  • "This is the right step in the right direction and at the right time so that we can ensure that our city is moving towards true public safety." Latoya Cantrell, New Orleans Mayor-Elect

March 2017
Active Solutions' Neighborhood Watch Cameras included in New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu's $40 million crime prevention plan.

  • "We commissioned a study on cameras and designed and outlined what a good camera system would look like." ..."Any time you have surveillance of people...their behavior improves." - Robert Watters, French Quarter Business Association

February 2017
Active Solutions' cameras included in New Orleans' new surveillance program is modeled after other major US and world cities.

"Those cameras will feed into a Real Time Crime Center that's going to be outfitted in downtown New Orleans." - Michael S. Harrison, New Orleans Chief of Police