November 2017
City of New Orleans and New Orleans Police Department launch state-of-the-art crime monitoring center with 24/7 viewing of neighborhood surveillance cameras installed by Active Solutions.

  • "New Orleans has a new high-tech facility designed to help police view security video faster..The mayor and police chief think it will not only solve more crimes but possibly prevent crime."
  • "The chances of stopping crime from happening and then apprehending them has increased exponentially." - Mitch Landrieu, Mayor of New Orleans and former Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana.
  • "A 'tapestry' of cameras from around the city (installed by Active Solutions) constantly bring live video into the city's brand-new Real-time Crime Monitoring Center."
  • "We will see you..we will know who you are..we will apprehend you." - Michael S. Harrison, New Orleans Chief of Police
  • "This is the right step in the right direction and at the right time so that we can ensure that our city is moving towards true public safety." Latoya Cantrell, New Orleans Mayor-Elect

March 2017
Active Solutions' Neighborhood Watch Cameras included in New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu's $40 million crime prevention plan.

  • "We commissioned a study on cameras and designed and outlined what a good camera system would look like." ..."Any time you have surveillance of people...their behavior improves." - Robert Watters, French Quarter Business Association

February 2017
Active Solutions' cameras included in New Orleans' new surveillance program is modeled after other major US and world cities.

"Those cameras will feed into a Real Time Crime Center that's going to be outfitted in downtown New Orleans." - Michael S. Harrison, New Orleans Chief of Police